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Balanced Weight-Bearing
On Both Shoulders Baby Carrier


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A baby's spinal development is critical to his or her overall health.

Neonatal period (0-3 Months): The spine is in the early stages of development and exhibits physiological curvature. Baby carriers can provide additional head and neck support and prevent spinal deformities.

3-5 Months: As the baby's spine begins to gradually strengthen, a baby carrier can provide the baby with more freedom and exercise the back and neck muscles.

7-9 Months: As the baby's spine gradually becomes stronger, the carrier keeps the baby safe while sitting and standing.

15 Months: The baby's spine is already relatively stable, and a baby carrier can provide convenient transportation when needed while supporting the baby's back and waist.

Reassuring Quality

High-End Quality

Mesh Fabric


Quick Drying

Not Easy To Shrink

Not Easy To Pill

Summer Cross Wrap Baby Carrier

This is a summer cross wrap baby carrier, which can provide your baby with a comfortable and safe carrying experience whether in daily life or when traveling.

more Other choices

Anti-Slip Safety Buckle
Baby Carrier

This is a baby carrier with a non-slip safety buckle design, which gives babies thoughtful care and allows them to enjoy happiness in intimate interactions.

Single Shoulder Widened
Baby Carrier

This is a baby carrier with a widened shoulder design, making it easy to raise children and ensuring the safety of your baby during use.

How to wear a baby carrier

① Start by placing the baby carrier behind you and wearing the belt.

② Turn the carrier to the front and wear it like a T-shirt.

③ Open fabric 1 and fabric 2 and put the baby in.

④ Wrap your baby in a baby carrier and adjust it to the appropriate position.

⑤ Pull the back panel down, tighten the remaining straps to keep the carrier close to your body, and use the same method on the other side.

⑥ Tighten the remaining straps to keep the baby's body close to the mother, and tie the remaining straps and tidy them up.

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